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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I get too many emails?

Are you serously worried about being spoiled for choice?

“Too many emails” is exactly that situation, it’ll mean your inbox is flooded with instantly profitable property deals… I’m confused.

However, the simple solution is to unsubscribe. Every email you ever receive will have an active unsubscribe link, just click on that and we’ll stop sending you money makers.

All that being said, you can expect just 2 to 3 emails a week from us, that’s it.

Why would a builder sell a property with $100,000 profit in it?

Builders are in the business of selling the service of building, that’s what they do. They are not developers.

A builder will usually have around 10% profit margin on the construction part of the deal, so they make around $40,000 on a $400,000 construction. They want to do as much of this as possible and putting up properties that are attractive to investors, increases their speed of sale and deal flow.

What about interest during construction?

Firstly, it’s usually a LOT less money than people fear, $10,000 to $20,000 on the outside.

You only pay interest on the drawn down amount but even a fully drawn down loan of $600,000 at 4% for 6 months is only $12,000. It’s the unknown fear that usually worries people.

Like everything, do your due diligence, crunch the numbers and rationally decide on the deal’s merits. If you pay $20,000 interest and make $150,000 equity in a deal, that’s 750% return. Only you can decide if that’s money well invested.

Secondly, you just factor it into your cost base and decide if the profit is enough. $150,000 less $20,000 interest, is still $130,000 for doing nothing more than executing a few contracts.

Thirdly, it’s fully tax deductible. So to continue with the above example, $20,000 after a tax deduction at 37%, you only pay $12,600. Now you have $150,000 – $12,600 = $137,400… for doing nothing.

Lastly, you pay the interest during construction no matter what. A completed building already has this factored into the cost base… so it’s simply a hidden cost.

Why is the stamp duty less than half what you'd expect?

Depending on the State or Territory you invest in, then you may only need to pay stamp duty on the land component of the deal.

As an example:

Land: $250,000
Build: $300,000
Total: $550,000

Land only stamp duty: $7,222
New property stamp duty: $20,182

So that’s $12,960 in your pocket.

If you’d like to check this for yourself, I used NSW as the state and entered the numbers into this stamp duty calculator

Isn't the market going backwards right now?

Is it? Are you absolutely certain of that?
Everywhere in Australia?
Every property type?

Did you know that even in Sydney and Melbourne, land prices in certain estates have increased since the top of the bubble?

But just in case you weren’t aware of this… there are other cities in Australia besides Sydney and Melbourne. Builders bring us properties from all up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia… and some areas are still performing very strongly.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose a location that fits your investment criteria.

However as a rule, the builders who advertise with us are working in estates from the big land developers (like your LendLease, Stocklands etc.) They are multi billion dollar companies who are generating growth in an area, and  that automatically drives up your valuations too.

If land prices are pushed up by $5,000 per stage, then by default that also lifts up your valuation too. Look in any housing estate and you’ll see this is exactly their startegy, to incrementlly lift prices stage by stage.

Additionally in areas like south east Queensland, construction costs are rising at 8% a year. So a property that costs $480,000 to build today, in 12 months it costs $518,400 to build (automatically lifting your values by $38,400).

12 months after that it costs $559,872 to build the exact same property.

That’s $79,872 higher in just 2 years.

On a small development worth $770,000, that’s an automatic 10.3% uplift thanks to this increase in construction cost, before you factor in any organic market growth.

Is there a guaranteed minimum return?

No, because that would eliminate options for certain markets and it would assume every investor is working the same strategy.

As an example:

Investor A may be extremely bullish on a certain market and they will happily get into it at a 7% discount and ride the growth.

Investor B may just be looking for equity generation deals to roll from one deal to the next so they are jumping on the 20% to 35% opportunities.

Investor A and investor B both think the other person is insane.

Ultimately you are the investor, you make the decisions about what markets you want to be in and what your strategy is.

"A developer who is not optimistic shouldn't be a developer."

Harry Triguboff

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You can unsubscribe at any time, so clearly that puts the pressure on us to only send you good, profitable deals.