What do you think happens when we get a hugely profitable property deal?

When a deal with over 25% returns comes along, do you think we publish it immediately… or do you think we call a couple of mates first?

This is your chance to become one of those mates and get called about the best deals first.

The reality of the real estate world is that it’s not “fair”. The further up the food chain you are the better the deals you get access to. Think about it… do you think the builders bring their absolute best deals directly to us or do you think they make a few calls first?

It’s obvious isn’t, they’re ringing their family and friends first.

That’s how it works.

Newtworking is an inescapable part of the property world. You are either proactively connected to a network or you are on the outside looking in and picking up the deals that all the networked investors have already picked over.

It’s that simple.


The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work. Marinate on that for a minute.

Robert T. Kiyosaki

If you are not getting access to the deals you want right now, that’s because you don’t know the people you need to know right now’

This is your chance to get access to a new level of opportunity… and profit.


Everything you want in life is a relationship away.

Idowu Koyenikan

As a member of the Inner-Circle,

you get to chose from List A not List B.

$267,298 equity   |   34.5% return    SOLD

$256,161 equity   |   32.6% return    SOLD

$223,431 equity   |   27.3% return    SOLD

$207,141 equity   |   24.8% return    SOLD

$158,785 equity   |   23.9% return    SOLD

$162,100 equity   |   23.9% return    AVAILABLE

$162,100 equity   |   23.3% return    SOLD

$160,030 equity   |   23.5% return    SOLD

$158,157 equity   |   23.2% return    AVAILABLE

$153,030 equity   |   22.3% return    AVAILABLE

$136,300 equity   |   17.4% retrun    AVAILABLE

$136,300 equity   |   14.6% return    AVAILABLE

$118,700 equity   |   11.4% return    AVAILABLE

$267,298 equity   |   34.5% return    AVAILABLE

$256,161 equity   |   32.6% return    AVAILABLE

$223,431 equity   |   27.3% return    AVAILABLE

$207,141 equity   |   24.8% return    AVAILABLE

$158,785 equity   |   23.9% return    AVAILABLE

$162,100 equity   |   23.9% return    AVAILABLE

$162,100 equity   |   23.3% return    AVAILABLE

$160,030 equity   |   23.5% return    AVAILABLE

$158,157 equity   |   23.2% return    AVAILABLE

$153,030 equity   |   22.3% return    AVAILABLE

$136,300 equity   |   17.4% retrun    AVAILABLE

$136,300 equity   |   14.6% return    AVAILABLE

$118,700 equity   |   11.4% return    AVAILABLE

As part of the inner circle you can access an additional $50,000 – $100,000 on your next property deal, and get the pick of the areas.

How Does The Inner Circle Work?

If you know you’re ready to invest,
this is definitely for you.

The inner circle is strictly limited to just 4 people a month. This allows for ample choice in properties for inner circle members, and still leave some great deals coming though to our subscribers.

The inner circle is ultimately for peope who are ready to transact on the right property in the next few month and they want to make sure they get their hands on the best deal possible.

This instantly extends your network and give you access to deals that were invisible to you before.

What’s the cost?

The membership is biased in your favour and requires us to perform… in other words, we have to work hard for you.

There’s two steps.

STEP 1: You place a refundable deposit to reserve your place. To secure a place in the inner circle, your reservation deposit is just $2,495. This comes with a no questions asked “do a deal in the next 12 months or or it’s free” guarantee.

STEP 2: After you profit from your membership and you want to secure a deal through our network, it’s only then that you pay the balance of the membership. To move forward you then pay the remailing $5,000.

How does the guarantee work?

We send deals to you over the next 12 months, and if nothing pushes your buttons and you don’t do a deal… you get your reservation deposit refunded in full.

No deal, no pay… it’s that simple.

You either take advantage of your membership and profit from it,
or if you don’t, it costs zero.


Instead of better glasses, your network gives you better eyes.

Ronald Burt

“It’s the people we hardly know, and not our closest friends, who will improve our lives most dramatically."

Meg Jay