Affordable Development Deals

Looking for deals under $500,000? 

You’ve seen the deals, the problem is obvious right. To be a small developer and manufacture the bigger chunks of equity, you need to do a deal worth $670,000 or more. The best results, the ones making a quarter million dollars, they’re all over $770,000… and you need a serious borrowing capacity to hit that. Until now, it was impossible to manufacture equity on a property under $500,000.

Now you can.

Through our Co-developer program you can start on the journey of building the money you need to become an independent developer. There’s a critical piece of information that you need to come to terms with… anyone with a serious property portfolio has built it through strategies that manufacture equity. Small developments, renovations, splitter blocks, distressed property… you name it. It doesn’t matter really because the common element is obvious. They all manufacture equity at a rate that lets them build their portfolios faster than the typical retail investor who is completely reliant on buy and hold strategies. You can live with the fantasy that “buy and hold” is going to get you there, but if the theory is wrong, you’ve lost a decade or more of your life. In a flat property market, which we will be in for a long while to come yet, you know you’re not going ahead in leaps and bounds thanks to passive market growth. It’s just not going to get you there.

Alternatively, you can look at the facts, and see what’s actually working.

Take a look at the people you know with large portfolios, and see that they have all used strategies that manufacture equity. If you don’t know anyone with a large portfolio… then it’s time to upgrade your circle of influencers. But just look at the “gurus” in the market place. Don’t look at what they SELL, look at what they DO. What do they do in their own portfolios? They all know where the big value is to be gained. Every single one I have spoken to, they’re all manufacturing equity. Also, look at the success stories in the magazines, the people who built sustainable, big portfolios, in relatively short times. Look at the details of their portfolio, they’re all manufacturing their own equity. Renos, duplexes, sub-development, splitters, distressed property… they have one thing in common.

They are all manufacturing equity.

Our co-developer program is your chance to start manufacturing equity without the need for massive investment, taking on any development risk or doing hours and hours of hard work and networking. In fact you can get into this with as little as $45,000 for a deposit and an income of around $80,000 will give you the borrowing capacity you need to get into the deal. Obviously every development is different but typically you are looking at investing into a duplex half, that will cost you around $450,000, but will be worth $500,000… so you get $50,000 of manufactured equity. In this program we are shooting for an 11% – 14% return on cost for you as a co-developer which should typically double the deposit you need for the deal… and a minimum.

How do you get involved?

The Co-developer program is launching in the next few weeks. However right now we are taking expressions of interest and inviting a few people to become early adopters of the program and start manufacturing equity with us. To be notified when the program goes live or to have an opportunity to get into one of the early deals, simply complete the form below and you’re opn the list.

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